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Content Management: The key to unlocking efficiency

Manage information more efficiently to open the door to greater productivity and rising profits.
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The internet era has brought with it more data and information than ever and it is one of the biggest challenges that companies face. Whilst customers can submit information online and many tasks can be done digitally, a surprising number of organisations are lagging behind in digitising their processes and rely on folders, filing cabinets and reams of paper.

As part of the transition, firms are considering digital transformation plans which introduce tools like Enterprise Content Management, Document Management Systems and Intelligence Information Management in order to process the sheer weight of the wealth of information coming into and leaving their business on a daily basis. Such tools are a key element of a digital transformation plan which brings a company up to scratch with 21st century resources.

This kind of planning is essential for businesses as they look to streamline their processes and improve efficiency across the firm. By implementing solutions like business content management tools, organisations have much to gain and must consider such investments as part of the plan, knowing that they will see a clear return on investment.

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One of the major benefits of such a tool is that employee productivity can be increased. No longer will employees be left waiting around for documents to find their way through layers of hierarchy to land at their desk, with everything automatically and immediately dispatched via transparent and clearly defined workflows. From there, every access to a document can be tracked and noted to make auditing processes even easier too. With so many ways of streamlining processes, it’s easy to see how the process can make employees and companies more productive.

Digital solutions also help to avoid risks. By keeping everything organised in a digital system, the chances of losing information are reduced. With secure protected back-up copies stored in the system, it becomes easy to avoid threats from hackers or employee errors. When all of the information stored in businesses is highly sensitive or personal to employees or customers, losing such information is a risk that no firm can afford to take.

With the benefits that are on offer from Content Management, all businesses should contemplate what they could gain from an effective business content management solution. Providing return on investment and laying the basis for further success and growth with scalability a fundamental characteristic, any firm putting off the decision to implement such a system should consider taking the first step to improving the productivity of their company.  

Managing content can be the key to business growth

Enterprise Content Management systems are becoming essential to businesses all over the globe. Here’s why.

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    Provide a basis for sharing information

    59% of projects involve workers from different geographical locations, according to Plan View, making collaboration essential. By providing a platform to do so, diverse ideas and suggestions can be pitched in and recommended ensuring that the end product is of the highest quality.

    Provide a basis for sharing information
    Provide a basis for sharing information

    Collaboration is essential to any company in the modern business environment.

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    Search for relevant information efficiently

    Harmon estimates that the average employee spends at least 30 minutes a day doing just that, but such figures can be cut down substantially by ECM solutions and similar tools. With all the information stored neatly in the system, a search tool requires only a few key words or filters and the document or data can be brought to the user’s screen in a matter of seconds. 

    Search for relevant information efficiently
    Search for relevant information efficiently

    Looking through files and searching for information takes up a substantial amount of time for employees.

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    Create scalability for business growth

    It doesn’t matter if a business is a sole trader working in a local area or a global company operating across continents, such solutions can add value to the work that is carried out. What’s more, it is a useful support system to have along the journey from one end of the scale to the other. 

    Create scalability for business growth
    Create scalability for business growth

    Just like a company, these digital transformation tools can adapt to growth.

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As the modern business environment grows more and more competitive, optimisation solutions can give a company the step ahead.

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